Annual Account Approval Deadlines

April 30, 2023 is the deadline for ordinary general meetings for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022.

The meeting must take place both in joint stock companies and in limited liability companies and is intended to deliberate on (i) the accounts of the directors; (ii) the financial statements; (iii) the allocation of net income; and (iv) the election of directors, officers, board members and fiscal council members, as the case may be.

The rules for holding convening meetings and publishing financial statements in newspapers may vary according to the company’s corporate type (stock or limited liability), the number of partners, the net worth, or even the provisions of the bylaws or articles of incorporation. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the specificities of each company to carry out all the procedures legally and without mistakes.

Our Corporate/M&A team is at your disposal for further clarifications and whatever is necessary.