Legal Design
We redesigned legal systems, documents, and services to make them more human and user-centered with the vision of Design Thinking.
Communicate the law in a way that is understood by everyone, write a contract so that it is understandable by its user. This is the Legal Design of PDK.

Legal design is essential to uncomplicate notoriously complex legal documents, processes, and concepts. When people don’t understand the law, it is difficult for them to get involved and protect their rights and obligations.

PDK Legal Design can operate at many different levels within the legal sector:

1) Visual Law
It involves transforming the way information is presented to users in a way that best suits them.

2) Process Design
Essential branch of legal design to enhance the experiences of lawyers and those who work with them.

Legal Design is a reiterative process designed to improve processes in the long term, not the short term. Moreover, the benefits of implementing it often outweigh the costs of doing so.

Applying Design Thinking to inefficient legal processes allows you to identify opportunities to automate and simplify routine administrative work. PDK’s Legal Design advocates innovation and problem-based solutions, which can be used to remove friction.