The use of Legal 365 in Process Management

Legal 365 is a methodology developed by PDK Advogados and its main objective is to help clients to make strategic and safe decisions regarding their judicial processes. This is possible by combining the expertise of the firm’s lawyers with the use of state-of-the-art technology, which results in an assertive analysis of the processes and their financial implications.

The information about the probability of success of each claim, the average amount of conviction, and the average time for similar cases, provided by Legal 365, is valuable for clients because it allows them to understand more clearly the risks involved in their lawsuits. In this way, appropriate procedural strategies are developed for each type of case, which significantly increase the chances of success and can contribute to reducing the costs involved in case maintenance and settlement.

In addition, Legal 365 represents an efficient way to manage processes, monitoring in real time the distribution of lawsuits against our clients, as well as procedural developments that have not yet been published, and providing an agile and accurate communication with the parties involved.

In summary, Legal 365 is an innovative methodology that combines technology with our lawyers’ expertise, managing processes in an efficient and strategic way. This results in greater chances of success and cost reduction, which is extremely important in an increasingly competitive and challenging scenario.


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